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What Kind of Nut Are You?


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No matter what you're nutty about, we think there's a case to be made for nut trees. This is a resource for integrating nut trees into gardens, farms, community spaces, and permaculture designs. Go deeper on each nutty profile by following the links below.

Permanut: Nuts for Regenerative Design

permaculture, multiple yields, stacking functions, resilience, perennial polycultures

Walnut guild

Nut trees have a special place in most permaculturists’ hearts, and here at Nutcase we are no exception. With their ability to supply protein, fat and carbs in a perennial system, nuts are permaculture superstars that have the potential to provide sustenance in a holistic ecologically sustainable future. At Nut Case we want to help all you “Permanuts” fit nut trees into your Permaculture designs. 

Check out our Permanut Page for ideas and resources to help nuts thrive in your permaculture project.

Agrinut: Nuts for the Farm

perennial agriculture, high yields, cash crops, efficiency, resilience, diversification, using marginal land

Alley cropping diagram in agroforestry

Are you a farmer looking to diversify?  Do you want to grow nuts for livestock feed?  Do you have a hobby farm and want to add a legacy project to the land?  Nuts can provide different yields for different folks and here at Nut Case we want to help you figure out what nut growing system will work best for you and your farm. 

Check out our Agrinut Page for resources on choosing the right nuts and growing system for your land.

Communinut: Nuts for the Community

Community orchard, food security, local food, food forests, foraging, learning opportunities, abundance, low-maintenance, commons

Community food forest

Community groups looking to fight climate change, support learning programs, and build local food resiliency will find that nuts have a lot to offer.  With their low-maintenance beauty and recurring yields of local calories, planting nut trees in a community setting is practical action at its finest. Here at Nutcase we are committed to supporting community nut planting by providing trees, tools and resources. Send us an email if you have a project you want to tell us about!

Check out our Communut Page for resources on making nutty projects happen where you live.


Botanut: Nuts for the Garden

gardening, beauty, diversity, shade, home

A heartnut in the fall

Are you a gardener who is constantly pushing the boundaries of a normal garden?  For botanical enthusiasts adding nuts to a plant collection will provide many yields, from tasty nuts, to leaves for mulch, to summer shade, to exotic trees to show off to friends.  Even though most nut orchards are in warm places far away, we have the ability to grow many nuts in Canada.  Some even lend themselves to coppicing (cutting down every few years and allowing them to resprout) which can provide useful wood posts and keep them bush sized for the garden.  Here at Nut Case we have our horticultural roots as gardeners who got excited about nuts and were eventually led to farming to accommodate our nutty habits.  We understand the pleasure and beauty that can be found in the garden.

Check out our Botanut Page for ideas about fitting nut trees into your garden and for a list of useful items to help your nut trees thrive!

  • What kinda nut are you?

  • Whichever nut you are we have resources to help you!
  • Nut growing systems

  • for fast growth and low maintenance
  • Accessories

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What kinda nut are you?

Whichever nut you are we have resources to help you! So, what kinda nut are you?

Nut growing systems

for fast growth and low maintenance About our nutty systems


to help your trees thrive See our accessories here

Making the case

for you to plant more nuts Find out more on our blog here